Meet Your New Recurring Nightmare

Courtesy of the wonderful, search talented tykylevits, producer of fine Finnish nonsense for four years and counting.

6 Responses to “Meet Your New Recurring Nightmare”

  1. Dan Says:

    There’s a line in there somewhere about passport photos that I can’t quite find…

  2. Andy Says:

    well… that’s a really nice minimalistic Furry costume for sure^^

  3. Haverholm Says:

    My Finnish is rusty at best, but I believe he’s saying something about mayonnaise there (probably what is in the cup?).

  4. Juha Arvid Helminen Says:

    NIH! That is so finnish… sorry!

    A Finn.

  5. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Is there a Finnish word for when you laugh and barf simultaneously?

  6. Ed Says:

    Dream date!


    (no, really!)