“Sandbox of the Post-Industrial Apocalyptic Landscape.”

WARNING: prolonged viewing of John Waller (aka zPRIME)’s “Industrial Decay” photo series may give you a raging Doom Chub.


Waller’s entire Flickr stream is rusty and scrumptious. He also apparently has an extensive personal website launching sometime this month.

3 Responses to ““Sandbox of the Post-Industrial Apocalyptic Landscape.””

  1. K Says:

    Lol @ “Doom Chub”

  2. Tertiary Says:

    Ho. Lee. Shit. *SHWING*

  3. John Waller Says:

    naturally …. most appreciative of the mention! :) Website is a little under wraps until I finish my marathon training through the end of October. However, there is a bloggy/posty/exclusive beer steamy-punk part that I’m propping up to keep the peeps involved! Thanks for the Doom chub .. haha.