The Black & White & Red All Over Ball was a smashing success. Big, big love to everyone who participated. It was a night to remember for a very, very long time.

Right now, the entire core Coilhouse crew who put the bash together (in three weeks?! really?! what the fuck were we thinking?!!) is reeling with gratitude and triumphant joy and also completely exhausted and derped out. Somehow, this seems like the perfect theme song for us:

via Eric Cheng. (As Kambriel points out, it’s a recorder, not a flute. Either way, WHAT BLISS.)

Please stand by for more full-fledged updates (photo booth pics, auction info, Issue 06 status, more) later in the week, once our brains go back to fulfilling higher functions, instead of just doing this on endless repeat. Meantime, if you’d like a nice encapsulation of the party, please read Logan Riley’s lovely blog post about the Ball. (He nailed it. Thank you, Logan.)

And really, truly, thank you again to everyone who helped us pull that thing off, from the attendees to the performers to the organizers to the DJs to the donors to the bidders to the bouncer to the bartenders to the stage manager to the lenders-of-couches and far, far beyond. We are so very, very grateful to you all.

More to come. So much more.

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  1. MishyC Says:

    Hot damn! Check out Time Out NY’s coverage (mmmmmm pictures): http://bit.ly/puv9dM