Gorgeous, Fascinating “Blade Runner” Con Reel

Apparently, this reel has not been shown anywhere since it ran the con circuit in 1982; not in screenings, not on any of the DVDs.* And… it’s… guh… braingasm.

*I’ve been informed it is, in fact, included on a recent Blu-Ray/DVD edition.

“One of the Blade Runner Convention Reels featuring interviews with Ridley Scott, Syd Mead and Douglas Trumbull about making Blade Runner universe. This 16 mm featurette, made by M. K. Productions in 1982, is specifically designed to circulate through the country’s various horror, fantasy and science fiction conventions. ”

Via Ed Brubaker.

8 Responses to “Gorgeous, Fascinating “Blade Runner” Con Reel”

  1. Tertiary Says:

    Awesome. Those shots of the set, and talking about the design, just splendid.

  2. Daniel Says:

    This was included as a special feature on the “Final Cut” Blu-ray/DVD release.

  3. Ella Says:

    Video deleted… :(

  4. Tertiary Says:

    And like that! It was gone. Fitting, somehow.

  5. ynaq Says:

    The video was shuffled off to the you tubs. I guess this (http://1187hunterwasser.tumblr.com/) is the tumblog of the uploader, it’s pretty sweet.

  6. Jeffrey Wengrofsky Says:

    I’m always fascinated by the temporal distance between the present and future as depicted in sci-fi, and Blade Runner is one of the best of the genre in film. Thanks for sharing it.

    I wonder how long it will be until Hollywood decides to shoot a remake with Jude Law and Miley Cyrus……….

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  8. Michael Verdi Says:

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