Groucho Marx Takes On An Intimidating Contestant

I would say there are few people that could have ruffled Groucho Marx’s feathers. Mr. Albert Hall would certainly place on that list. A contestant on You Bet Your Life he was selected by the audience along with Mrs. June French, a messenger who was 21 going on 40. None of them could have known just what a good pick they had made with the Kansas born Hall, a man possessed of such a bizarre demeanor, such a strange repertoire of facial expressions, and lilting, creaking speech, that it must be seen to be believed. Marx, unsurprisingly, recovers quickly and together they produce one of the funniest segments in the entire run of the show.

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3 Responses to “Groucho Marx Takes On An Intimidating Contestant”

  1. Yseult Says:


  2. Andreas Fuchs Says:

    This guy is absolutely brilliant.

  3. Gis Gustensen Says:

    Whatever happened to mr Albert Hall?
    Anyone who can tell more about this
    wonderful caracter?
    I really warmed my heart to see him
    and the nice mrs June French together.