Print, Parties, and Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Yesterday, after several difficult and painful production months, the final revisions to Issue 06 of Coilhouse Magazine were logged in. It is visually and thematically unlike anything we’ve attempted before– as beautiful and as sharp as a blade. Printing is imminent. If you, cherished readers, enjoy poring through its pages even half as much as we have, we’ll consider it a great success.

Thomas Negovan‘s wax cylinder player at the B&W&RAOB. Photo by Audrey Penven.

In addition to putting the finishing touches on #06, our crew is slowly recovering from the Category 5 whirlwind of throwing a massive fundraising ball in another city with less than a month of planning. (Wow… that was… did that actually happen?! One week later, it all feels like a deliciously manic, sweaty dream.) We’re working on a big ol’ shout-out post that will have all kinds of B&W&RAOB links and pictures in it, but that might take a wee bit.

Angeliska Polacheck & Kim Boekbinder at the Ball. Photo by Anna Fischer.

In fact, more generally, it may take Coilhouse Blog a while to get back up to its usual puttering speed. If you see a tumbleweed or two blow across this screen, don’t worry. We’re just getting all of the international auction item shipments and Issue 06 stuff sorted first, and then taking some much-needed time to recharge after one of the most grueling time periods in Coilhouse history.

Meantime, here’s a lolling, lazy Sunday song about those aforementioned moorless diaspores, courtesy of The Sons of the Pioneers. Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Print, Parties, and Tumbling Tumbleweeds”

  1. Guest Blogger: Sarah Hassan Says:

    I am so excited for all the above! LONG LIVE COILHOUSE! <3

  2. Hochimochi Says:

    A fevered dream, none of it could have been real for it was too fantastic. Don’t stop ladies, you have a whole Coiltribe who need to be fed.

  3. odrenda Says:

    A wiiiiide smile here.