Mer’s Haunted House Music Score for “Empty Rooms”

Empty Rooms Trailer by adamlamas

“Empty Rooms” is an independent thriller directed by Adam Lamas in which a single mother and her non-verbal autistic son are terrorized by mysterious intruders after they move into a new house.

In addition to being Lamas’ first official feature-length film, it’s also a another first for our own Meredith Yayanos: her first feature-length film score. Complete with strings, theremin, voice, synths, raw percussive elements and piano, the score is at turns terrifying, sad, atmospheric and eerie. You can hear some of the score in the trailer above, and listen to several low-res, unmixed clips of the score on Mer’s Soundcloud. Appropriately enough, Mer recorded the score over the course of “several cold, dark, occasionally terrifying months” last year, hunched over her laptop, alone in a large, unheated house in the middle of nowhere. Engineered in Dolby 5.1 Digital Surround Sound for the film, the score is “OFF THE HOOK!!!” according to the director.

In addition to working on Coilhouse, Mer is currently in the studio finishing up an album as The Parlour Trick, her similarly spooky “haunted chamber music” project with multi-instrumentalist Dan Cantrell. As she tweeted four hours ago, “cheerfully trapped in tiny room w/cacophony of bowed glockenspiel, pump organ, chamber strings, bodhrán, grand piano, typewriter, celeste.” Sounds promising indeed. More news about The Parlour Trick in the months to come.

Photo by Audrey Penven.

5 Responses to “Mer’s Haunted House Music Score for “Empty Rooms””

  1. selizabeth Says:

    JEEZLY CROW. That trailer is terrifying; the music at turns eerie and jarring and completely perfect. Cannot wait to see this. Doubly – triply – cannot wait for the Parlour Trick album! (I’ve been obsessed ever since she posted that raw, unmixed version of “Half Sick of Shadows” somewhere last year!)

  2. Derek C. F. Pegritz Says:

    Wow. NICE work! I’m now looking forward to the film…but mainly for the soundtrack.

  3. jeffrey Wengrofsky Says:


    Can’t hardly wait for Mer to lay down some doom for the Syndicate. Just need to find the right visuals…………

  4. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Aw, thanks, guys. (And thanks for the support, Nadya. I ruv yew.)
    To clarify: most of the music in the trailer is generic stock “boogedy” stuff that Adam chose. But the score of the film itself is mine. I still haven’t seen the final cut of the film (or heard the score in surround sound), so I’m super excited and curious, too! :)

  5. andrew Says:

    the movie looks pretty horrifying.

    will the soundtrack be available for sale?