Official Trailer for “Autoluminescent” (Rowland S. Howard Documentary)

The lovely people at Ghost Pictures just sent us the link to their new official trailer for the upcoming Rowland S. Howard documentary Autoluminescent, which is slated for an Australian theatrical release of Oct 27, 2011.

“Autoluminescent traces the life of guitarist, songwriter and artist Rowland S. Howard. Rowland S. Howard was an influential figure in contemporary music, particularly renowned for his role in seminal post-punk bands The Birthday Party, Crime & City Solution, and These Immortal Souls. In a career spanning 30 years Howard worked with the best artists of his generation, including Nikki Sudden, Henry Rollins & Lydia Lunch. His was a singular talent, cut short by an untimely death in 2009.”

No word on further screenings yet, but if there’s any creative justice in this world, Autoluminescent will eventually be shown internationally and run the festival circuit. Fingers crossed, anyway.

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3 Responses to “Official Trailer for “Autoluminescent” (Rowland S. Howard Documentary)”

  1. Blackhoodygrrl Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! Wow. Roland is truly one of my heroes.

  2. Dave C Says:

    One of the true heroes of modern music. I bought my first guitar literally on the strength of hearing the way he played ‘Jennifer’s Veil’ in 1983.

  3. Autoluminescent Says:

    Autoluminescent trailer has moved to: