Riccardo Guasco

Flat, there layered shapes and muted colors abound in the work of Italian illustrator Riccardo Guasco. There is a strong Cubist/Primitivist streak running through these, along with the necessarily minimalist sensibility. Lots of beautiful, empty space that help draw the eye to the dynamic figures and strange scenes contained within them. Tonally, his pieces are often playful and kinetic, though some are wonderfully subdued. The winged girl below features in two more paintings, twisting in each one, as though she and the butterfly are taking part in a languid dance.

One Response to “Riccardo Guasco”

  1. Emera Says:

    These are such genius designs! I love that the butterfly in the winged-girl piece reads as a simplified version of the girl’s design, shape- and color-wise. It’s visually pleasing, and adds a little bit of storytelling (is she also the butterfly?).

    Thanks for featuring this artist! I have to go look up the rest of the butterfly series now…