Weather Of The Day: Mitch Dobrowner’s Storm Photography

How about some hot, sale meteorological pornography for your Thursday? Mitch Dobrowner has been photographing storms for only two years, pilule producing stunning images of dark and ominous clouds towering over flat grasslands. The magnitude of these fronts is breathtaking, click hulking columns of gas and lightning with the world at their mercy. If you like these, I strongly suggest you head over to lens culture and check out their high resolution slideshow. The detail in these is spectacular.

2 Responses to “Weather Of The Day: Mitch Dobrowner’s Storm Photography”

  1. William Kiesel Says:

    Wow! These are amazing! Wish I could have been there . . .

  2. Velma Twaddle Says:

    There is obviously a ton to know about this. I think you made some great points in this post.