Better Than Candy Corn: KXVO’s “Happy Jack Pumpkin Dance”

Good morning, all you grim, grinning ghosts!

A few years ago, KXVO News (of Omaha, Nebraska) produced a video (sparing no expense!) called the “Happy Jack Pumpkin Dance”. Apparently, it aired without warning or explanation during one of their Oct. 31st broadcasts, and has since become a not only a local sensation (the playlist above includes not just Jack Pumpkin’s original appearance, but ensuing Christmas and Valentine’s day editions), but a viral hit as well, spawning several remixes and mashups.

Merry Goth Christmas, Halloweiners! May your day be full of boundless, wiggly, unitard-clad lurrrrve.

8 Responses to “Better Than Candy Corn: KXVO’s “Happy Jack Pumpkin Dance””

  1. Анна Says:

    Well, that was fun – now I have my outfit and activities for today planned out :D .

  2. G Says:

    Why, Mer, why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I feel so disturbed. :P

  3. michelle d Says:

    This brings an unfamiliar warmth to my heart! Happy Halloweenies!

  4. Heather Says:

    i particularly love the valentine’s day one–imagine watching the news and he appears. You’d think it was some sort of bizarre drug flashback.

  5. Joseph Glass Says:

    I saw this a few days ago, and thought to myself, “I should send this to Coilhouse for next year. It’s a shame I didn’t find it in time!”

    Aw, y’all. <3

  6. Krista Brennan Says:

    There’s something very, very reminiscent of Bob Fossil’s dances in The Mighty Boosh, especially in the karate punches, arm flailings and feeble kicks.

  7. Nym Says:

    Oh my….
    How is it that I am just now seeing this when I LIVE in Nebraska and see this failtastic newshow?!
    How id I miss this lovely jem? I may never know but I do think this is the first time I’ve been both ashamed and very proud at the same time. I believe we have a new state dance.

  8. Tertiary Says:

    This is why local television is incredibly important.