Chess Pieces Made On The Streets Of Morocco

A woodworker in Marrakesh creates a chess piece (a King, specifically) using a skew chisel, a bow lathe and his hands and feet. At one point it looks as though he has made some sort of error; one of the lines is askew, at odds with the rest. It is only a short time later that you realize that what he’s done is carved a free-floating ring! Simply astonishing. I’ve watched this video three times now and each time I am blown away by the man’s proficiency.

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4 Responses to “Chess Pieces Made On The Streets Of Morocco”

  1. Cass Says:

    Love this! Fantastic to see use of such simple tools by a skilled craftsman.

  2. G Says:

    This was wonderful to watch and such a beautiful finished piece. Thanks, Ross.

  3. carol Says:

    WOW! Toes like fingers, amazing!

  4. Emera Says:

    Hypnotic, and so pleasingly tactile to watch. I love seeing the chisel eat into the wood. Thanks for sharing!