Fab Ciraolo’s Old School Heroes

Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore broke up this week, ending a 27-year partnership. This brought on a huge wave of 90s nostalgia, calmed only by the sight of my favorite Saturday morning-cartoon superheroes chillin’ in at home in their PJs, slippers, and smoking jackets. I don’t know why. But here they are.

The series “Old School Heroes” by Chile-based illustrator Fab Ciraolo is all about what happens when favorite childhood superheroes from the 90s and earlier relax at home (if home is an ambient retro starfield). See all the images here.

[via Empty Kingdoms]

2 Responses to “Fab Ciraolo’s Old School Heroes”

  1. Jens Alfke Says:

    I must be old (or I didn’t watch enough bad cartoons as a kid) because I have absolutely no idea who any of the characters in that whole set are.

  2. Zakuro Says:

    Is that the bodies of Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould from M*A*S*H re-purposed for He-Man art? I am down with this.