Finnish Door Opening

Watching this video I cannot exactly be sure if this isn’t in jest. Surely, one would think, there is no need to explain the proper way to open a door. Surely, one would think, if those Scandinavians figured out the mechanics of leaving a room, the Finns would have as well. This video seems to illustrate otherwise, indicating that, at least until 1979, the Finnish people were constantly running, full-tilt, into entryways, oblivious to how these infernal blockades functioned, perhaps flailing wildly at the door knobs (provided they had not knocked themselves unconscious) their spastic flapping eventually resulting in the door opening after, what must have seemed, an eternity; the sad, exhausted individual collapsing through the doorway, already dreading the next encounter. One could theorize that, with so much of their faculties taken up by trying to master their sadistically difficult language, they have little capacity for much else inside their brain-meats. (Editor’s Note: This is just the theory of one man. It does not represent the opinions of Coilhouse or the Editors and does, in fact, come from the diseased mind of a crazy person. The Finnish people have a wonderful language and are also in possession of exemplary brains.)

Whatever the reason, there still exists this clip of a dapper, mustachioed gentleman, wearing, one might say, an obscenely wide tie, demonstrating how to open a door in a manner that would most likely result in the practitioner immediately being ejected from the space they had just entered on suspicion of being some sort of trespasser; especially in conjunction with the aforementioned moustache. Perform at your own risk.

3 Responses to “Finnish Door Opening”

  1. S Says:

    I would so want this to be a seriously made instructional.
    But it is from a 1979 comedy series ‘hepskukkuu’.
    This video and a few others are available at the national tv archive;
    Unfortunately most are songs and none of the skits are subtitled.
    The “father’s christmas calendar” at the bottom doesn’t really need subtitles though.
    Also, NMKY is a YMCA cover.

  2. Juha Arvid Helminen Says:

    This is the broadest moment in my life for I am a Finn :D

  3. Tertiary Says:

    Mustachioed, Wide Tie Wearing Trespasser or no, you must confess that’s a very elegant maneuver he performs there.