Hybrid Creatures in X-Ray by Benedetta Bonichi

The Metamorphosis, 2007

Bejeweled octopus centaurs, birdwomen and mermaids. Tumblr oldies but goodies, these fantastical x-rayed hybrid human-animals are the work of Italian artist Benedetta Bonichi. More of her work can be seen at her website, To See in the Dark. If you like Benedetta’s work, check out these gorgeous corset x-rays from 1908 and the raunchy 2001 x-ray art (NSFW!) of Wim Delvoye.

[via Clayton Cubitt]

La collana di perle, 2002.

2 Responses to “Hybrid Creatures in X-Ray by Benedetta Bonichi”

  1. Jaye Says:

    That second image brings to mind the Warp-spawned monstrosities that serve Chaos in Warhammer 40K. It’s seductive on top and oh-so-scary on the bottom.

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