“My Daguerreotype Boyfriend” Tumblr Blog

“Almanzo Wilder, married at 28 to a very lucky 18-year-old Laura Ingalls Wilder.”

Where early photography meets extreme hotness.”

‘Nuff said.

Robert Cornelius, the original daguerreotype boyfriend. (1839 self-portrait of Robert Cornelius, one of the first photographs of a human to be produced.)”

3 Responses to ““My Daguerreotype Boyfriend” Tumblr Blog”

  1. Анна Says:

    One of my favourite tumblrs -.- .

  2. vodkabeforenoon Says:

    I tap Robert Cornelius…

  3. Io Says:

    Ditto on Robert, he’s like a hybrid of Michael Fassbender and Heath Ledger.