The Tokyo that Tumblr Forgot

When I saw this striking image of Tokyo while riffling through my RSS feeds, my heart stopped. Supposedly, it’s a still from a forgotten video game made in 1995.

There’s something about this cityscape. I’ve been coming back to stare at the large version of it for two days now, marveling at all the details: that puffy-cheeked man and that lobster, the people on the streets, the density of the buildings, the beautiful pixel weave that makes up the clouds, and that ominous yellow moon. I want to know the story of this game world and its makers. If it’s a still from a mid-90s video game, very few people would have considered that art at the time. Now, in the world we live in, I could easily see this image selling at an art opening. If it turned out that this image was done by a contemporary pop artist, emulating/exaggerating the aesthetics of retro games, I would not be surprised. However, this image feels even more compelling to me precisely because it’s not that, but a forgotten relic, a lost gem, a genuine artifact.

Tumblr tells me (for once) that this striking image is from a video game called “Power Slave,” produced by Jellyfish Software in 1995. I’m not sure if I believe that; the only game titled Power Slave game I could find was this first-person shooter set in Egypt, released by Lobotomy Soft in 1997. Nothing in the game descriptions suggested the appearance of this scene. I checked out a couple of Power Slave playthroughs – not all 17 levels, but enough, including the intro and end, to be fairly sure that this scene was never among them. And the only Jellyfish Soft release that came up in my searches was Aerokid, an aviation game for kids, released in 1998. But then I read somewhere that on the Saturn conversion of PowerSlave included a hidden game. After some Googling, I found that name: Death Tank Zwei. With a name like that, I thought it sounded promising. But after looking through the entire game thanks to some guy’s research video for a Port-to-PC project on YouTube, I came to the conclusion that this game wasn’t the source of the image, either.

And that’s where the trail grew cold. Maybe I missed something. Maybe it’s just another beautiful Tumblr scrap I’ll never find the source of. Anyone have a clue?

Update: mystery solved, thanks to Coilhouse reader Fmtownsmarty. It’s Power Slave, a hentai first-person adventure/strategy game from Japan. “Tetsuya is a rather ordinary Japanese teenager, who prefers hanging out with his sweetheart Rika than going to school. His passion are 3D video games. The newest game machine which allows the player to completely submerge into the virtual world, modeled according to his desires, has captured his heart. But one thing is strange: lately, Tetsuya keeps seeing himself as a killer and rapist. Dreams begin to haunt him. Is this just a side-effect of the game, or does he have a dark side he knows nothing about?” Oh, Japan, don’t you ever change. <3

11 Responses to “The Tokyo that Tumblr Forgot”

  1. Fmtownsmarty Says:


  2. Nadya Says:


    Thanks, Fmtownsmarty, you are awesome.

  3. Nadya Says:

    I take it back, Tumblr. Sometimes you do cite your sources.

    And wow… I love this landscape view:

    And that game… wow. Oh, Japan.

  4. Amstrad Says:

    I’m totally unsurprised to discover this is from a visual novel/eroge. There are an incredible number of those made in Japan by small independent developers that never see the light of day in the US or even get much notice in Japan.

  5. Emera Says:

    This is my desktop background now; thanks, Nadya, for the post. I love this in almost the same way that I do Bladerunner.

  6. Nadya Says:


    Fun fact: if you go into Photohop, resize it and select “Nearest Neighbor” in the “Resample Image” drop-down, you can resize it to any size you want and it’ll still look amazing. Here’s a screenshot of the settings:

    I’m about to print a 10×19 poster of it.


  7. JG Says:

    Damn, that’s beautiful. I’ve been living in Tokyo for a couple of months and I haven’t seen a view nearly as pretty as that yet – and it comes from a flipping hentai game!

  8. Анна Says:

    Nadya, thanks for the tip (and for the pic itself) – I hope it’s going to work on other pixel art I have because there are some amazing works I’d love to have on my wall/in my notebook.

  9. nn Says:

    how can i download the game?

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