“Big Bad Wolf” By Duck Sauce

Somewhere, in a parallel dimension, this is basically a true story and it is not the most mind-meltingly horrible thing you’ve ever seen because somewhere, in a parallel dimension, human anatomy is exactly like this.


Thanks, Oddy and maicro!

8 Responses to ““Big Bad Wolf” By Duck Sauce”

  1. slivia Says:

    I should just get married now because I don’t ever want to have sex again after watching this. UNSEE UNSEE!!!!!!!!

  2. Анна Says:

    When a friend shared this with me… I was scarred for life in 3 minutes flat.

  3. rickie Says:


  4. Meredith Yayanos Says:


  5. Io Says:

    I’ve been passing this one around for a few weeks, I knew it was just a matter of time before you guys would see it, too. The thing about this video is that even though it’s somewhat horrifying, it’s also hilarious and really positive (regular people who are happy and getting laid). My feminist brain can’t pick any of it apart as being offensive, and that’s no small task when it comes to male-female sexual relations as portrayed in the world of music videos.

  6. Анна Says:

    I do agree with Io, too – after the first “O.o !!!” it was pretty much “oh, look, people enjoying themselves, yay!” for me.

  7. tjewell Says:

    To take it a step further, possibly at the risk of overanalysis: “The Big Bad Wolf” can be considered to be libido/sexuality. The bonus heads on both the men and women are the ones lipsynching the words, identifying themselves with the concept. And use of the term “big bad wolf” has the potential association with the related phrase “who’s afraid of?”

  8. Io Says:

    Tjewell, I think that sounds spot-on!