Elton John Puts An Oven Manual To Music

I must confess that, often, I associate Elton John with funny hats and glasses more than I do music and, as such, it’s good to watch clips like this one, if only to refresh my memory. Taken from 1997’s “An Audience With Elton John” (which was, apparently, a television special in which Elton John performed for an audience comprised of famous people) this particular segment features a challenge from actor Richard E. Grant who, having heard that John composes his music very quickly, asks if he could set the instructions for his conventional oven to music. The end result, while undeniably impressive, left me with a “chicken or the egg” question, namely: Can Elton John turn any group of words into a song or can any group of words be set to an Elton John song?

2 Responses to “Elton John Puts An Oven Manual To Music”

  1. MishyC Says:

    This… is… AMAZING O_O

  2. G Says:

    Haha, what a good sport! And I would say yes.