Fleet Foxes “The Shrine/An Argument”

I honestly have no idea what exactly is going on in this video for the Fleet Fox’s “The Shrine/An Argument. It seems to tell of the life and death of an ultra-violent deer who seems to have a tiny fish person living inside it. Or something. No doubt, there is dense symbolism and metaphor involved here but honestly, I’m not sure if decoding it is really a priority, especially when it’s so beautiful. Director Sean Pecknold, who also animated it along with Britta Johnson, films the characters, designed by Stacey Rozich (whose style reminds me a bit of Andy Kehoe), heavily vignetted which, combined with the paper doll quality to the animation, gives it strange, dreamlike quality. It also gives the impression of being far older than it actually is, like you’re watching something by Lotte Reiniger. The whole thing is simply mesmerizing.

2 Responses to “Fleet Foxes “The Shrine/An Argument””

  1. oja Says:

    oh, God, it’s so haunting. <3

  2. rumorsofmydemise Says:

    very yonic.