ROSA is, perhaps, not the most original short film ever and, in fact, it does feature a healthy dose of post-Matrix kung-fuery, but that makes it no less impressive. Made by one man, Spanish comic artist Jesús Orellana, for $100 and a year of his life, ROSA tells the story of a cyborg who, as part of a project to restart Earth’s ecosystem, awakens in a post-apocalyptic with no natural life, only other cyborgs who seem intent on destroying Rosa. Again, there’s a lot of slow motion jumping and martial arts pat-a-cake, and the characters themselves are a bit stiff at times, but the fact that one person was able to produce something of this scale is impressive. Orellana has, apparently, already been approached by some studio types so it’s quite possible that we may be seeing much more of Rosa in the future.

Via Super Punch

2 Responses to “ROSA”

  1. david Says:

    absolutely gorgeous. thank you!

  2. M.S. Patterson Says:

    Very pretty.

    The red-eyed constructs seemed to be ones who have personally dodged their purpose, but that are intent on making sure others do their role, in only in a very limited way. Hence all the corpses and plants in the cathedral.