Vinicius Quesada’s “Blood Piss Blues” Series


Vinicius Quesada is a collage/street artist from São Paulo, Brazil. In 2010, he created a series of dystopian images titled Blood Piss Blues, “with real blood.

The images suggest a world in which the peak oil crisis has occurred, where children play in dismantled subway cars and where dense, polluted cities house homeless refugeessword-wielding geisha and… psychedelic cats. At least that’s one interpretation.

The paintings appear to be large and incredibly detailed; here is one tiny detail of the mega-cityscape, and another photo of one of the images wheat-pasted on Quesada’s wall. More images after the jump, and even more on Flickr. [via Surrogate Self]

“little kids playing on the subway”

“the cocacola shame”

“oil mother”





“mr. monkey”

4 Responses to “Vinicius Quesada’s “Blood Piss Blues” Series”

  1. Flavorwire » Surreal Paintings Made with Real Blood Says:

    […] Image credit: Vinicius Quesada [Spotted via Coilhouse] […]

  2. Michael Says:

    Really great pics

  3. Jonė Says:

    Interesting, shocking, genius and bloody…

  4. jesus granados Says:

    publish more! I like(: