Adieu, Comrades (A Farewell from Zoetica)

It’s been a fun-filled, illuminating, topsy-turvy rocket ride, but over four incredible years since we launched Coilhouse, the time has come for me to move on. The need to focus on creating versus curating has been nagging at me for the duration of this endeavor, first softly and then louder, until it grew into a din which could no longer be ignored. And why should it? It’s been an amazing four years and six issues – years and issues I’ll always be proud of, especially now that our fated Constructivist installment is out in the world. Listing all my fond Coil-memories would take ages, but here are a few that immediately stand out:

  • The fateful meeting of The Three at SDCC 2007, while I was posing for Dr. Sketchy’s
  • Brainstorming nights at Nova Express [RIP] and celebrating at The Edison
  • Me wheat-pasting Coilposters all over LA under the cover of night
  • Cracking open the first box of fresh Issue 01s
  • Sticking home-made Coilhouse labels to bottles of two-buck-chuck at our launch party after taking a dive from my roof onto my balcony to make it there in time
  • Climbing over the velvet rope at The Edison with Nadya to assail Ron Moore for an interview
  • Wandering through Clive Barker’s home studio with my husband and Coilhouse contributor, Ales Kot, and plopping into his canopy bed overlooking a blooming hillside
  • Over-caffeinated red-penning of massive Kinko’s printouts before going to print
  • Merch design marathons
  • Three-hour conference calls devolving into fits of cackling and fart jokes
  • Receiving LA’s Best Design Aesthetic award with Courtney Riot
  • Grant and Kristan Morrison’s photo shoot with Allan Amato for Issue 04, which resulted in a beautiful friendship
  • Tea and Cookies with Coilhouse over at Whitechapel
  • At the risk of death by pigeon poop, exploring a beautiful crumbling Downtown building with Andrew Yoon for our Issue 05 Shoes shoot
  • Carpal tunnel-y signing of I-don’t-know-how-many issues of #05 on our Circulation Director’s floor
  • Hours upon hours of fevered Googlemancery, always

In addition to being an immensely emotionally rewarding experience, the Coilventure was an invaluable learning experience of everything from the thorny path of publishing to the intricacies of collaboration. I’m leaving a different person than when we began, with vastly expanded horizons, vocabulary and skill-set, for which I’m grateful. And while we’re on the topic of appreciation, I want to extend a heartfelt Thank You to the entire Coilhouse family – my co-editors, our brilliant design team, our steadfast interns, our dedicated ad manager, our circulation director, our numerous, generous friends and the entire Coilhouse readership for their encouragement, insight, contributions and when need be, honest critique. Your support through this experience means more than I can express.

As for The Future, it’s open wide. I recently returned from the Amazon jungle, where I taught an art workshop and created a mural at a school. Now I’m weighing options, regrouping, and, much to my heart’s relief and gratitude, finally working on a new series of paintings dedicated to beastly flora.

So that, as they say, is that. I wish Mer and Nadya the best of luck in keeping the Coilship a-chuggin’ while I board a rocket of my own and zoom into uncharted worlds. See you all in space and/or the future!

All my love,


16 Responses to “Adieu, Comrades (A Farewell from Zoetica)”

  1. Rain Says:

    I’m sad to see you go, but I’m also comforted knowing I will be seeing your beautiful work in some other existence.

    All the best,
    Rain x

  2. Анна Says:

    I was wondering for some time if you left.

    I wish you the best in your future endeavours!

    I enjoyed seeing you prepare and the funds for the Amazon rise on your blog, and the same goes for the No Makeup Week – I hope we will be able to share in on your future projects, too :) .

  3. Infamous Amos Says:

    Very sad to see you go, but I know it’s not for lack of belly-fire for the craft or the work we know you’re compelled to do. Onwards and upwards.

    I recall the one time we met, at the Plastikwrap exhibition in Toronto in ’08. You “showed” me a hot off the presses copy of issue 1, by which I mean you held it up, and flipped through the pages really fast to prove it wasn’t a prop. You were kind beyond words, and you should be proud of this glorious clusterfuck you’ve helped create.

    Climb the Highest Mountain, Punch the Face of God.

  4. joasakura Says:

    best of luck in all your new endeavours!!! <3

  5. Saint Says:

    Not terribly surprised. I guess the leisure-class socialite life doesn’t leave much time for work? ;)

    Best of luck. And same to our remaining team, who’s left with some awfully stylish shoes to fill.

  6. Dave L. Says:

    Good luck, Zo!

  7. what's in a name anyways? Says:

    Best of luck with your future endeavors … it’s been ages since I’ve commented.

  8. Me Says:

    Wishing you luck! I know all of your future endeavors will be amazing.

  9. Jezcabelle Says:

    Much joi & luck – you were heavily on my mind today as I received my D4RT envelope when I came home from work. Thank you for everything you’ve given. You’ve been an inspiration.

  10. Zoetica Ebb Says:

    My heart melts! Thank you all so much for the warm send-off! I’m going to continue blogging on Biorequiem, Chinashop and wherever else the year takes me as time allows – so this Adieu is only fragmentary. Love!

  11. Stylze Davis Says:

    So you’re gonna leave all the blame for this glorious cultural bastard child messiah to Nadya and Mer eh?

    kidding of course, your slinky illustrations and effervescent blue will be missed greatly!

  12. Ian Says:

    I don’t know you, but I’ve been with you for six issues, loving every minute. I feel like I’m losing a good friend, which I know is ridiculous since you’ll still be out there, causing mischief no doubt. I wish you all the best in your journey, and look me up sometime if you’re ever in the Eastern Med. and want to go climbing around inside a pyramid or have lunch in an ancient ampitheater. : )

  13. Nils Says:

    I first saw your work in Coilhouse and it was partially your art that drew me in. So thank you for that. I look forward to seeing more over at Biorequiem.

  14. Nadia Says:

    Sad to see you leave Coilhouse, But I’m excited to see what you move on to do.

  15. Connie Says:

    Best of luck with everything! <3

  16. m1k3y Says:

    But… I never got my intermediate lesson in Super Villiany. :/