BTC: Donkey Rhubarb!

Good morning, good morning, good moooorrrrrrniiiing! Have some warm (creeping) fuzzies:

Yes! It’s ye olde “Donkey Rhubarb” video! One of musician Richard D. James’, director David Slade’s, and Canary Wharf’s finest moments.

James called these charming creatures his “Rhubears”, and toted them along to several live Aphex Twin shows in the mid nineties. Via wiki: “James has also admitted to having his friends dress up as them to terrorise line-ups outside of clubs.”

2 Responses to “BTC: Donkey Rhubarb!”

  1. rickie Says:

    i very distinctly remember the first time i ever saw this video. i was so highly disturbed i could not tear my eyes away. i needed to know that the video actually ended – i needed that closure.

  2. MishyC Says:

    Second only to Come to Daddy in hella creepy Aphex Twin goodness ♥