“Dead Poet Borne by Centaur” by Gustave Moreau

“Dead Poet Borne by Centaur” (1890) by Gustave Moreau

The French Symbolists were hella weird and wonderful. (Andre Breton was obsessed with Moreau in particular, cialis and considered him to be a kind of grandaddy to Surrealism.)

3 Responses to ““Dead Poet Borne by Centaur” by Gustave Moreau”

  1. stephanie Says:

    had the chance to visit his museum in france. it’s a little gem!

  2. Brontops Says:

    Others centaurs:

    a book written by Moacyr Scliar: “Centauro no Jardim” about a centaur called Guedali Tratskovsky – ISBN: 9788535918700


    a post from Neatorama via Annals of Improbable Research

  3. Amandine Says:

    …not going into all that akward (maybe)-Freudian stuff about why I liked horses as a leetle girl…