Interpretive Futon Dance Duo

NO idea what the heck is going on here, viagra or why, thumb but I wholeheartedly approve:

(Via Patrick McCracken.)

6 Responses to “Interpretive Futon Dance Duo”

  1. Infamous Amos Says:

    There are friends, there are good friends, and then there are BEST friends.

  2. Andreas Says:

    This is amazing. Needs “better than coffee” tag, I think (-:

  3. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    You are SO right. DONE!

  4. mordicai Says:

    This looks like a TON of fun.

  5. april Says:

    I think this is one of the best examples of ordered chaos I have ever seen.

  6. Carla Kihlstedt Says:

    My best friend and I used to pretend we were Solid Gold dancers…. but THIS is a whole other level of awesome.