The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party

Coilhouse has a longstanding policy of never posting flyers on the blog. But I think we can make an exception for this one (uploaded to FB recently by Gym De Meo):


But srsly. What are you guys up to this year, pharmacy fer realz?

6 Responses to “The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party”

  1. Filipe Russo Says:

    Maybe it’s a little off-topic. But I wonder, the Occupies are still happening? Where? How can I get updated about it?! Lazy guy asking to keep him lazy, but since you guys are north americans it is easier to know those things, right?! Ohh I’m still trying not to be at home in new years eve and you, Mer, where are you going? Still in New Zealand??

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  3. vulgaire Says:

    My first Sea of Dreams in SF! With Beats Antique, Amon Tobin (with his 3D act) and Santogold plus interactive art, costumes galore and ball trippin! Woo! My girlfriend and I are going as dark mermaids. Will post pix ;)

  4. Transoniq Johnny Says:

    See that fake plant in the corner?…my lover

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  6. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Eeee! Sea of Dreams! Always so good! Have a great time, chica! Send big warm fuzzy lovin’ vibes to my buddies in Beats Antique. <3