Adorable Rocker Clogger Girl

Dusty Paik just shared this on her Facebook page:

Rocker Clogger is a spirited seventeen-year old American amateur clogger who likes to dance to Adam and the Ants, The Cure, David Bowie, Oingo Boingo, Siouxsie & the Banshees, and Johnny Cash.

From her cute costumes, to the peaceful backyard background sounds of birdsong and wind chimes and rustling trees in all of her clips, to that irrepressible “I Gotta Be Me” attitude of hers, everything about Rocker Clogger’s videos fills my heart with squee.

“I’m NOT a professional dancer! I’m just having fun.” Girl, do your thing. Never stop.

(Several clips are listed after the jump, and check out her YouTube page for plenty more.)

Rocker Clogger and equine friend.

6 Responses to “Adorable Rocker Clogger Girl”

  1. blakkr Says:

    these videos = great summer cold entertainment. she’s precious!

  2. bunny Says:

    I LOVE HER!!! :D she is so awesome!

  3. chesh Says:

    That’s really awesome but at the same time I feel really weird watching a seventeen year old girl dancing.

  4. octopod Says:

    Here’s another neat Youtube clip: a duet for cello and contortionist.

    (The music is Tina Guo performing Saint-Säens’ “The Swan”; the contortionist is the wonderfully named Baaska Enkhbaatar.)

  5. OBERSONN888 Says:

    Hi, yes, beautiful movies and show. Good look Naomi, you are the future STAR in U.S.A. Bye.

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