Keyboard Cat In Hell

It would seem, at first glance, that this is not a thing that should exist in this reality. This is something that should be glimpsed only when gazing into some dark mirror of this world; something seen on the other side of a portal opening into the formless Void. Here, in the emptiness of this Other Place, one might find this scene, a Fellini-esque performance in which a sweaty, rotund gentleman sings an off-key, off-tempo version of “Jesus Loves Me”, to the decidedly mechanical beat of a cat named Midnight on organ and a mouse named Squeaky on the drum, mallets taped to its paws. No, this is something that should not be a part of our world. Alas, however, it is. Specifically, it is an excerpt from the late 50s children’s television program Andy’s Gang, filmed in front of an audience of what I can only assume were budding sociopaths who did not find this horrible in the least and, indeed, seem quite entertained. For the curious, context does little to make this clip any less dismal.

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11 Responses to “Keyboard Cat In Hell”

  1. gooby Says:

    I can’t even move while this plays. Maybe that’s it’s power?

  2. Meredith Yayanos Says:


  3. Kurt McAllister Says:

    I had to laugh to keep from screaming. Or weeping. Or both.

    Probably both.

  4. Stella Says:

    Right. I’m going to go shoot myself now.

  5. Svetlana Says:

    Creepy indeed. Those animals are like freaking robots.

  6. rickie Says:

    oh, those poor animals. this is so disturbing.

  7. siege Says:

    Why… does it not stop?

  8. joasakura Says:


    this clip makes it feel like nothing will ever be good again.

  9. scodav Says:

    I used to watch Andy’s Gang on TV when I was a little kid. It scared me then. Find some sequences of the evil Froggy and his “Magic Twanger” – that was almost as creepy. Then, for relief, he showed weird serial episodes about and Indian boy and his pet elephant…

  10. Heather Says:

    oh my god it’s the Ass Saw the Angel….Children’s Hour.

  11. Phoenix Says:

    I wonder how much cheese that gig paid, that poor mouse looks exhausted!