New Larkin Grimm Album Imminent, Free Village Voice Download

Photo by Dese’Rae L. Stage

The powerfully enchanting Larkin Grimm, previously interviewed by Angeliska on the Coilhouse blog and featured in Issue Four of our print issue, has a new album coming out next month! You can read about what she’s been up to recently, and preview/download her song “Paradise And So Many Colors” at the Village Voice website.

Last year, the sartorial site StyleLikeU (oh good gracious, LOVE these ladies) posted a wonderful “Closet Feature” on Grimm. It’s as endearing a portrait of the woman as you’ll find anywhere:

2 Responses to “New Larkin Grimm Album Imminent, Free Village Voice Download”

  1. Angeliska Says:

    Thank you for this, Mer! I had not seen that StyleLikeU interview – it’s so great. What a wonder Larkin is – I’m so looking forward to her new album.

  2. Dave C Says:

    Yay! A Kay Nielsen tattoo! Boo! Ponyskin boots!