Vermin Supreme for President, 2012

The venerable Vermin Supreme is back once again! Last month, he let loose at the Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum in New Hampshire:

Via Sean Donahoe, thanks!

He wants you to brush your teeth. He wants to control your life. He wants to protect you from the impending zombie apocalypse. Best of all, he wants to give you a pony.

Mah feller ‘merkunz, try to look beyond that gnomish beard, the teetering boot-hat. Mr. Supreme is, without a doubt, the most trustworthy, straight-shootin’ Republican hopeful running for President in 2012.

Remember: “A Vote For Vermin Supreme is a Vote Completely Thrown Away”!

Vermin Supreme glitterbombs fellow presidential hopeful Randall Terry during a debate in 2008.

4 Responses to “Vermin Supreme for President, 2012”

  1. Aleister Crowley 2012 Says:

    Aleister Crowley 2012!

  2. Meet Vermin Supreme, the presidential candidate who will fund time travel research - Top Rated Insurance Providers - Personal Insurance Direct Says:

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  3. koko1909 Says:

    Oh you forgot. He wants to have turbines being run on zombie power by dangling brains in front of the zombies’ faces, and he wants to get ‘top secret’ teeth police to come knock on our doors at 3AM to make sure we’re brushing!

  4. Roddy Says:

    I LOOOOOOOOVE Vermin Supreme. Even though i am not old enough to vote, I would. Actually . . . Are you a republican? I . . . HATE . . . Rupublicans. Sorry. So I guess I kind of hate you now! Soooooooory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!