Volkswagen Continues Its Love Affair With “The Imperial March”

A quick Google search shows that this video is pretty much everywhere, but I just can’t resist putting it here. Following up their Star Wars themed Passat commercial for last year’s Super Bowl, Volkswagen returns this year, and once again puts “The Imperial March” to excellent use, in this case having it performed by twelve dogs, some in various forms of Star Wars costumery. It’s so very silly but I love it so very much; especially the grand entrance of the twelfth and final member of this canine chorus. So. Good.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

4 Responses to “Volkswagen Continues Its Love Affair With “The Imperial March””

  1. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    I love this, but I’m sad they didn’t hire Bones, the actual internet meme celeb AT-AT dog… or even tell her costume designer caretakers they’d be using Bones’ likeness. Obviously, the Star Wars copyright is Lucas and Co’s, so VW can do whatever they want, having bought permissions, but still! Imagine how much warmer and fuzzier it would have been to hire the OG AT-AT puppeh. :)

  2. Nadya Says:

    I wonder… did they use Autotune?

    Also, I love the little dog dressed up as an Ewok.

  3. Dave L. Says:

    @Mer: They didn’t even get Chewbacca Dog for their Chewbacca dog!

  4. david Says:

    this is so awesome!

    i’m sure it’s pitch corrected. they probably also filmed each dog separately.

    how lame that they didn’t use the at-at dog! this raises an interesting problem. if the at-at dog was technically a copyright violation and it resulted in a unique, memorable meme that is quite distinct from the original copyrighted at-at, and then vw bought the right to use the copyright directly from lucas, in my opinion, they have actually stolen from the at-at dog.