Astronaut Ghosts

“Space Suits”

The San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives Flickr Photostream has a lot of beautiful vintage photographs related to flight. You’ll fighter jets, airships, factories, control centers, aviation posters, lushly-illustrated training manuals, and lots of neat historical tidbits.

ST-124 Inertial Guidance Platform

Of particular interest is the set titled Space Related Images. After the jump, a selection of photos from this set. Space food, astronaut training and retro machinery galore.


[via Surrogate Self]

Cape Canaveral JFK Space Center. A beautiful piece of graphic design.

Astronaut Training

Space Food

Conceptual art of the international space station

Space Food

Space Food

Satellite Balloon

Lunar Roving Vehicle Models

Lunar Roving Vehicle Models

Astronaut Training

Hypersonic Research Engine

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