Jeff Frost's "Flawed Symmetry of Prediction"

A breathtaking combination of time lapse and 3D optical illusion by California-based multimedia artist Jeff Frost:

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“Over 40,000 high resolution still images were shot on Canon DSLR cameras for this film. I roamed the deserts of California and Utah looking for abandoned structures in the same manner that my Grandpa, Alfred, explored the Four Corners area looking for ancient Native American dwellings. This film is dedicated to him.”

Via Amosborne / io9.

3 Responses to “Jeff Frost's "Flawed Symmetry of Prediction"”

  1. Nadya Says:

    That was absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing this, Mer. The sound design as well as the footage are so, so powerful. Wow.

  2. M.S. Patterson Says:

    Magnificent work. A really refreshing change of pace from the “things is beautiful” genre of time lapse type work. And really well executed illusions. That last segment is killer.

  3. mizzcorrie Says:

    fabulous!!!most innovative