Lisa Nilsson's Anatomical Cross Sections In Coiled Paper

A stunning series of anatomical cross sections by artist Lisa Nilsson, made using paper filigree, coiled strips of paper (in this case, Japanese mulberry paper). Using photographic references, Nilsson’s pieces are beautiful to look at, the rolled paper adding another level of detail to images already brimming with them. You can read about how she made them here and here.

Via Colossal

2 Responses to “Lisa Nilsson's Anatomical Cross Sections In Coiled Paper”

  1. Patricia Says:

    As a fellow artist who is inspired by science and works on a small scale, I am suitably impressed by the skill and attention to scientific detail of this art. This makes a traditional craft technique into an expressive, art technique. I think the blurring of the line between craft and art in contemporary practice makes things a lot more interesting and diverse.

  2. Born in August Says:

    […] a close up of some of Lisa Nilsson’s  latest stuff.  It’s a meticulous anatomical cross section using coiled paper.  This process […]