Pressure Molded Skrillex Sausage

YouTube user frannintendo64 has made a beatmatched mashup out of scads of  Skrillex dubstep/electro house tunes, with no pitch-shifting. Pretty darn funneh:

Via Ariana, who says: “The whoa-that’s-off-pitch of the first ten seconds or so fades fast. And then it’s… well it’s basically just Skrillex, innit. If you hold out (or skip ahead) to 1:20 it kinda starts to get a little magical. Honestly, I think this is a lot like what the internet sounds like when I’m scrolling fast.”


7 Responses to “Pressure Molded Skrillex Sausage”

  1. joasakura Says:

    my fave comment on youtube is “it sounds like Transformers having sex”


  2. M.S. Patterson Says:

    I sort of want to download a high quality audio version, and feed it through paul stretch at various speeds, and see what pops out.

    I also was vaquely concerned that this post was going to be about a pressure molded skrillex “sausage”.

  3. Msfracture Says:

    Skrillex makes brostep,not dubstep.
    yes,there’s a difference.

  4. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Thanks for that, Msfracture! :D

    My quest to understand the difference just lead me to this hilarious article:

  5. Nadya Says:

    This reminds me of being at Burning Man, when there’s 7 different art cars zooming past really fast, all of them playing different dubstep that all mixes together.

  6. mr maps Says:

    All brostep is the poorer for not being dubstep, and all dubstep is the poorer for not being Birdy Nam Nam:

  7. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Truer words were never spoken, Mr Maps. <3