Lana Del Duck

Pro-LDR? Anti-LDR? LDR-ambivalent? S’all good. (No matter what, it’s important to maintain a healthy sense of humor about life. And scrutiny. And Donald Duck.)

6 Responses to “Lana Del Duck”

  1. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    In the interest of being fair and balanced… when I saw this performance LDR gave on Letterman, post “SNL fiasco”, I was genuinely moved, and my heart went out to her.

    (But yeah. “Lana Del Duck” made me pee my pants a little.)

  2. Pigskin Pete Says:

    I am a Daffy Duck myself, but I respect the diversity of duckness.

  3. Leif Says:

    she is human nyquil

  4. fortheloveofthestars Says:

    I am not pro-her or against her. I think the music is okay, but not at all original in anyway, (which is okay too) so that one articles comparison to what David Bowie did is not on mark. David Bowie did not build Ziggy to sell records, he did not do it *strictly* for attention, it’s just how he is. He’s a plastic actor, his persona changes like the wind. Bowie’s trick for staying on top was seeing a music trend as it was starting and beating others to the punch. His product was fresh and different when he put it out.

    She’s got a lovely voice, figured out a recipe for success and good for her. I’ll take 20 of her over one Justin Bieber. That being said, I’m still going to choose an artist like Bowie, Janelle Monae, or Steve Harley any day.

    All music-dork ranting aside, DIRECTLY related to this post: I was cackling like an idiot. I loved it. Thanks for brightening my morning.

  5. G Says:

    I hadn’t heard of her. If you never saw her, what would you think of the song then? She seems very young and this kind of filled me with pity. The song itself is really beautiful.

    Also, a “healthy sense of humor about life” doesn’t have to be a mean one that comes at the expense of a human being. I wonder what she would think if she saw this? Maybe she would think it was funny?

  6. Sir Richard Wentworth Says:

    I’m late to the party I’m afraid, so I haven’t the acrid taste of betrayal that seems to be so pungent in the mouths of all these jilted hipsters — er, music consumers — that have their skivvies in a bunch over questions of Del Rey’s ‘integrity’ and ‘identity’ (as if those qualities even matter these days).

    Give me an elegantly machined artifice that can spin a profoundly moody miasma over the achingly earnest boredom of bearded banjo-toting steampunkers any day. Having said that, this is hilarious, especially when the duck loses its shit at the end LOL

    (RE: Bowie comparisons… can we stop comparing all pseudonymous artistes with Bowie yet? Well, I suppose it’s better than invoking Lady GaGa…)