The Latest Awesome Sauce from Zoë Keating

It’s been a while since we mentioned Zoë Keating on the blog! Here’s a lovely six-minute feature about our very favorite avant cellist in the whole world, produced by Intel Visual Life:

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Zoë’s been up to all kinds of cool stuff: traveling around the world along with her cellobaby and cellobabydaddy, making cellotastic “In-C” remixes, analyzing the Spotify hubbub from her unique vantage point as a highly successful unsigned musician… and her current live performance collaboration with the ODC dance ensemble, Breathing Underwater, is getting all kinds of rave-ups in the press! (NoCal folks can catch one of the final Yerba Buena shows in San Francisco tonight, the 23th, or the 25th.)

Then there’s this deeply moving video that high school student Gabriella Runnells recently made addressing the plight of girls in the developing world, using Zoë’s song “Optimist” as the score (which you can read more about on Zoë’s Tumblr):

Zoë’s also got a short tour in the works. US west coast beasties, this may be your last chance to see her live before 2013, after her new album (in the works now) comes out:

12 April – Cedar – Minneapolis MN

26 April – Largo – Los Angeles CA

27 April – UC Riverside – Riverside CA

03 May – Neptune Theater – Seattle WA

04 May – Aladdin Theater – Portland OR

05 May – Shedd Institute – Eugene OR

Zoë Keating, wearing Gibbous, photographed by Nadya Lev for Coilhouse Magazine

Yay, Zoë.

4 Responses to “The Latest Awesome Sauce from Zoë Keating”

  1. Heather Says:

    thanks Mer, this is inspiring and it made my brain tingle, even with a headcold.

    sigh. I want to do art full-time.

  2. rickie Says:

    she is so…yes…awesomesauce, better than coffee, talented, smart, brains, lovely, etc.etc.whoa. also was just introduced to this little snippet, [sproing!]:

  3. Lilybet L. Says:

    Sorry I know anyone can criticize and this is my second one this week, yikes! I love this blog and have spent countless typeings praising its bold articles and opinions. But what about male genital mutilation? Better knows as circumcision done regularly in this very country (I am assuming coilhouse was founded in the U.S) and many others. I have heard at least one person say they weren’t even aware it is an option not to do. People do not understand that it is a very painful procedure which babies are not numb during. It really makes me angry and sad. FGM is spotlighted because it is culturally shocking, but circumcision should be addressed too.

  4. jake Says:

    Lilybet L. you are weird and stupid. I am a happily circumcised male, my sons are also circumcised. it is an improvement on nature and a health issue.