"Crazy Clown Time" By David Lynch

Above you’ll find the official video, directed by David Lynch, for the title track of his new album Crazy Clown Time. It is officially a thing that exists. In it, Lynch narrates a series of Lynchian events at a Lynchian backyard barbecue as they transpire on screen in a manner sort of like singing but not really. It’s as if a film student set to work to reconstruct a David Lynch movie as related to them by someone who had had a few too many drinks. It may be the best David Lynch parody ever made.

(NSFW, unsurprisingly.)

Via poetv

6 Responses to “"Crazy Clown Time" By David Lynch”

  1. Chris Noble Says:

    I keep going back and forth from “This is great” to “This is terrible” so much that I’m pretty sure both things are equally true. Also, I’m pretty sure I was at this party shortly after I graduated from high school.

  2. Heather Says:

    Don’t take the brown acid, man.

    this is like the Butthole Surfers’ “pepper” plus a bit of ohmygodshoes, narrated by Towlie from South Park.

  3. joasakura Says:

    Chris: If feel the same way. >.>

    It’s like the schrodinger’s cat of videos.

  4. Tertiary Says:

    This made me so happy last night. I can’t even tell you.

  5. Laura Palmer Says:


    Chris: If feel the same way. >.>

    It’s like the schrodinger’s cat of videos.

    Eh, makes me want to swing the paradoxical kitty around by it’s tail & smack the hipster who thinks this is pure genius. I agreed with the conclusion that its best received like a student film parody of Lynch, by Lynch. But this is coming from someone who liked Lost Highway best of his filmography, for better or worse. I didn’t like his choice for leading man Dune & Blue Velvet. Something about his face…its skaggy/

  6. Richard Caldwell Says:

    Video or no video, it is a hypnotically catchy tune though.