Donald Duck Via Dogme 95

Welcome to the best worst thing you will see all week. Icelandic comedy troupe Midland, in a fit of horrible genius, has done what, no doubt, only a few severely stoned first year film students have thought of. That is, they have created the above trailer for a movie entitled Den Lille Grimme Aelling (The Ugly Duckling), a movie that interprets the world of Walt Disney’s barely comprehensible Donald Duck through the harsh, unforgiving lens of the Dogme 95 school of film making. What follows is nearly three minutes of childhood memories funneled through the unyielding, sadomasochistic vision of von Trier and Vinterberg (though, like von Trier and Vinterberg Midland winds up cheating a bit here and there.) So come along and follow Donald as he deals with his three children, a sizable drug debt, and the rich uncle who abused him as a child. Then maybe weep a little.

4 Responses to “Donald Duck Via Dogme 95”

  1. Ross Rosenberg Says:

    Just a few things that I didn’t really feel the need to work into the post:

    This is totally something for film geeks, I think.

    Doing fucked up things with Disney characters is nothing new, I suppose. In fact, the first thing I thought of when I saw this was Paul Krassner and Wally Woods’ “The Disneyland Memorial Orgy” for the May 1967 issue of The Realist: (NSFW)

    That said, it takes nothing away from it. I love this video so much it hurts.

  2. Kurt McAllister Says:

    I wish I had more to add than just “I fucking love this,” but I don’t. Still, I fucking love this.

  3. Kurt McAllister Says:

    Ah,wait, I do have something more to add. This is undoubtedly a parody of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Pusher, most strongly in the scene with the crime boss.

  4. Nanna / Arsenica Lace Says:

    Heh! It’s weird to watch it in Danish-Swedish-ish texted in English, when you speak Danish…
    And yeah, it’s farily much up the Dogme-alley, and lots of other Danish movies from around 2000 (“I Kina Spiser De Huned”, “Pusher”, “Blinkende Lygter”).
    Fairly interesting – thanks for sharing =)