"LastBreathe" by Robert Wun

The ghostly garment resembles magically symmetrical wisps of smoke curling around the model. Below, diagnosis zip ties are used to create a striking crown of thorns.

These images are from a series called “LastBreathe” by fashion designer Robert Wun. A recent graduate of the University of the Arts in London, capsule Wun creates textured, sale airy garments such as the ones pictured here. This series was photographed by Bobby Sham, and the model is Lauren H.


One Response to “"LastBreathe" by Robert Wun”

  1. Emera Says:

    If I hadn’t had the descriptions on hand, I would have assumed that these were a really elegant combination of photography and abstract digital renderings. Amazing stuff, thank you. The Rorschachian symmetry of the first image in particular is eerie and fascinating; I can’t wait to look at more of Wun’s work.