Nicole Aptekar's Expanded Taxonomy

“It’s no longer safe here.”

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This Friday, Devotion Gallery in Brooklyn will be hosting Expanded Taxonomy – an exhibit of artist Nicole Aptekar’s new paper works. Featured previously on Coilhouse for her first collection of paper art, Nicole has upped her game with this exhibition: the geometry is more complex, the pieces are bigger, and each one is composed of 40 sheets or more (whereas the previous pieces were, at most, half that size).

“Condense, diffuse, swell, and strike.” 

“The process of making these works is like hunting—traveling through all the possible shapes to find one that speaks,” writes Nicole in her artist statement. “Once discovered, this abstract form is held captive like a biological specimen. Shiny pins, screws, and hardware make it a part of this world, restraining it in its frame in a way that distances it from its platonic digital origins.” This exhibit also includes two collaborations: one piece with with Mary Franck that uses projection mapping on a large cardboard piece, and another with Ian Baker that utilizes intersections of vinyl that begin inside of the frame but branch outside of it.

The opening is this Friday, April 27th, from 7-11 PM. If you’re coming, I’ll see you there! More images from the show, after the cut.

“At the edge, leaning in.”

“A reduction downstream.”

“It never seems to rain here anymore.”

“Beacon in bloom.”

“I’ll walk myself out.”

“Gliding softly by.”

“Time can’t wait for us.”

“We can’t stay this way.”

Photos by: Audrey Penven

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  1. Jeffrey Wengrofsky Says:

    Very interesting exhibit – even better than these photos. Each photo – though abstract – almost seems to tell a story or to be the scene for an adventure on a micro-scale. Thanks !!

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