Truly Gone Fishin'

Long white clouds in the sky above the southernmost tip of the North Island. Photo by Mer.

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Greetings, comrades, from the¬†Motu-Kairangi valley of¬†Aotearoa. New Zealand’s north island is spectacularly sun-drenched at the moment– an unseasonably serene autumnal week, by Land o’ Long White Cloud standards.

Perfect timing, too, ‘cos Nadya‘s here! Squee! We’ve been talkin’ some SRZ COILBIZ (“Brainstorrrrm! Maaaaagic!”) and have decided to give ourselves a few days off from blogging and cat-herding to take a much-needed Coil-free road trip together. will probably be a bit sleepy for the next leetle beet. Consider this post our GONE FISHIN’ sign.

Speaking of fish, check out this jaw-dropping photograph of an immaculately preserved, exquisitely beautiful/fantastical Mola Mola skeleton:

A specimen housed in the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Austria. (Via Paul Komoda.)

Oh, our marvelous world. It is full of such fantastical things, both natural and unnatural. We hope you’re all reveling in the weirdness as much as we are right now!


Mer & Nadya

2 Responses to “Truly Gone Fishin'”

  1. Richard Caldwell Says:

    Reporting from Bardstown, Kentucky- the bourbon capital of the known world. I just finished smoking some DMT while building a small bonfire with my lil cousin Anthos. He had to bury a very old dog today, and we understand that a Jesus died for the sins of our many relatives in the area.
    The sun is nice.

  2. Tanya Says:

    Huge big hugs to the both of yous.