OMG SHOES: "Self-Objectification Strategy" by Scott Hove

“Self-Objectification Strategy” is a new piece from Scott Hove. The back of the heel has a functional switchblade attachment. See more of his new sculptures here.

4 Responses to “OMG SHOES: "Self-Objectification Strategy" by Scott Hove”

  1. Jeffrey Wengrofsky Says:

    Now that’s a shoe I’d like to make out with !!

  2. Richard Caldwell Says:

    Thank you, coilhouse, for showing me that even shoes can be intimidating.

    (The Anti-Birkenstock? ha ha ha)

  3. Cake’s Gonna Eat Me | Says:

    […] io9/coilhouse […]

  4. Alena Says:

    I want this Shoes! D: