Wrong Cops: Chapter 1

Wrong Cops is exactly what one would expect from the director of a film about a killer tire, which is to say it is bat-shit crazy. Coming off of the aforementioned Rubber, Quentin Dupieux (also known by his stage name, Mr Oizo) is back with a short film starring Marilyn Manson, Grace Zabriskie, and Mark Dunham as Officer Duke, the titular cop, which he premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Duke begins his day selling marijuana stuffed into dead rats and listening to techno music. Making his rounds he comes upon Manson’s David Dolores Frank in a park. After a tense discussion about music, Duke escorts the young man to the house he lives in with his mother in order to educate the boy further. That, I think, is about as detailed a synopsis as I wish to give. As intimated previously, it’s a bizarre thirteen minutes which, apparently, Dupieux is looking to extend into a ninety minute feature, which may be the outer limit of what I could bear. This little taste is almost more than enough.

3 Responses to “Wrong Cops: Chapter 1”

  1. Richard Caldwell Says:


    I could really see this as some hit indie comic book. But then you’d lose the mystique of Manson portraying somebody who’s half his age.

  2. Ross Rosenberg Says:

    Richard – I lost it at that line. Also, I’ll admit to initially rolling my eyes when I saw he was in this but I have to say, I thought Manson did a pretty good job here.

  3. Richard Caldwell Says:

    Oh I agree. Not as expectedly creepy as was his Jawbreakers role.

    I got it. This is Bad Lieutenant meets Napoleon Dynamite.