Dutch LOLcat Drone is GO!


If anyone can translate this mind-boggling WTFery into English for us, that’d be amazeballs. Thanks.

(Although, frankly, it’s already plenty amazeballs as it is.)

[Via @M1K3Y, Justin Pickard, Anne Galloway.]

9 Responses to “Dutch LOLcat Drone is GO!”

  1. mediapathic Says:

    The future of Drone Warfare. “Awww it’s so cute and cuddly-wuddly and it’s OPENING FIRE!”

  2. m Says:

    this is soo dumb, but because I like your website, i’ll translate

    Yeah this is my cat.
    – This “was” your cat
    I bought brothers against mice, and one was ran over last year. That was Orville.
    – Didn’t you had when the cat died, the feeling to do something with dead animals?
    It was 2 days of grief. After the 2nd day the grief was over and I was in for something cool. the cat was lying in the freezer for a half year, next to kroketten (typical dutch snack) to give me time to make me think how to.
    – Orville was named after Orville Wright. So he was meanted to fly. Do think he wanted this?
    yeah absolutely. He loved birds. We can look to the engine.

    he is good for 600 watts

    – So you’re the only one who can fly him. You can’t do it?
    No I have to take lessons first.
    – Let’s pet him

    – He looks scary!
    He looks focused.

    – How high can he fly?
    1 Km in theory

    – This is too cool
    – Let’s see how cows react. Get them!
    I loved it so much, i want to make more things fly. A flying bleu whale should be awesome, a lil 30 metres. These are great plans so enough to do.

  3. m Says:

    sorry for some typos.

  4. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Thanks so much for the translation, M!

  5. Seth Says:

    I work at a zoo specializing in crocodilians. I now want to make a flying alligator bad.

  6. joasakura Says:




  7. Seth Says:

    BTW! Anyone else catch the old “Airwolf” theme being used during the flight? Epic.

  8. Lara Says:

    I heard about this on NPR this morning! Apparently his cat, named Orville (after Orville Wright, because they guy is apparently a big fan) was run over by a car. The logical next step was to stuff the cat and attach helicopter rotors.

  9. Lilybet L. Says:

    I’m more astonished at experiencing a mere two days of grief…wtf?