Meanwhile, In Bavaria

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Ross Rosenberg,

I see your clip of the gentleman covering Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, and raise you this YouTube video of Takeo Ischi yodeling the “Bibi Hendl” song… for ten full and glorious hours.

(Sub-level 66-6, Catacomb Battle Station 3F)

ps: Please do not attempt to dismantle either the screen or audio in Writer Pod 14B. Both systems are wired to detonate instantly if tampered with.

2 Responses to “Meanwhile, In Bavaria”

  1. Andreas Says:

    This is fucking amazing.

    And I say this as a person who grew up on Musikantenstadl.

  2. snarflerator Says:

    This is actually a song by Spitzbua Markus. I believe he’s Austrian? Either way ths original says it all…