Old 9-Eyes Is Back In Town…

For several years now, artist/filmmaker/essayist Jon Rafman has been exploring the ever-widening gyre of Google Street View‘s wandering compound eye. His curation continues to give us access to a strange, diverse, and lonely assortment of digital windows into the world.

You can easily lose hours perusing Rafman’s Tumblrized site, 9-eyes (named after the nine lenses mounted on a Google Street View car), which presents, without commentary, some of the most captivating and unsettling and often inexplicable imagery Rafman has culled from GSV.

Several critics have remarked that Rafman’s 9-eyes collection is “museum-worthy”. No argument, here… although it’s potentially even more affecting when viewed in the context of its native environment of the World Wide Web. Haunting stuff.

(Via Dusty Paik, thanks! Several more images under the cut.)

2 Responses to “Old 9-Eyes Is Back In Town…”

  1. Angeliska Says:

    These images make me shiver. What an amazing, fascinating project!

  2. William Lee Says:

    I love how the rabbit’s face is blurred to protect the costume’s privacy…

    (Oddly, PeerBlock blocked the 9-eyes site to load because of tracking from usa.gov.)