Aja Lathan, Queen of Diamonds

WHOAH. Check out this sneak preview photograph of Aja Lathan as The Queen of Diamonds from a shoot for the San Francisco-based Five & Diamond collective by Allan Amato. Lathan is adorned with a breathtaking array of pieces crafted by various indie and alternative designers associated with the 5&D store/gallery:

Aja Lathan as The Queen of Diamonds for Five & Diamond / Photography by Allan Amato / Art Direction by Jessica Atreides / Styling by Ricardo Felix / Makeup by Medina Maitreya / “Pharoah” Headdress by Monica Wallway / Gold Neck Coil by Tawapa / Crystal Necklace by DUST / “Ruff” Ruched Scarf by Radio Cloth / Studded Bra / Axis Waist Cincher by Steam Trunk / Burlesque Skirt by Miss Be / Leather Gloves by Sparrow / Rings by Jungle Tribe / Shot at Purebred Pro Studios

“The Five and Diamond Design collective is a collaborative project created to promote local artists and designers while providing a resource to San Franciscans and beyond for unique, artistically designed apparel, jewelry and accessories.”

This shoot was obviously a massive group effort. (Bravo!) Keep an eye on 5&D’s twitter for more information about this shoot and other lovely stuff.

2 Responses to “Aja Lathan, Queen of Diamonds”

  1. Rudi Says:

    Fierce has become a bit of a buzzword in fashion in recent years to describe things that don’t quite live up to the word…

    But this shot not only lives up to it, it personifies it…if somebody calls something fierce, people can now say “yeah but not as fierce as that Amato/Aja Lathan shot for Five & Diamond”

  2. mjrh Says:

    headdress could almost be by iris van herpen, who anybody that likes this needs to google-image, stat.