"Metamorphosis" by TwistedLamb and Malakai

TwistedLamb is a unique fashion blog curated by Mary Lee that’s been featured on Coilhouse many times before. Malakai is a fashion designer and artist who first appeared in Coilhouse 05’s feature on Tiffa Novoa. The two teamed up recently to style Metamorphosis, a fashion editorial shot by Julia Comita, featuring the Malakai’s new headdresses and leather accessories by Zana Bayne. The editorial premiered on the TwistedLamb blog.

Zentai suits, sculptural headdresses, mermaid tails, aerial silks, abandoned buildings, and some poised, incredibly flexible model-performers… what more could you ask for? See the entire fashion series here.

2 Responses to “"Metamorphosis" by TwistedLamb and Malakai”

  1. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Oh my goodness! So stunning.

  2. rickie Says:

    so pretty! wow…